Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello everyone!

I'm happy that you liked my blue flower quilling and I decided to make another flower frame. I would like to share with you my Sunflower quilling frame.
I really, really tried to make the sunflowers look as realistic. It is quilled with 3 different colours of dark yellow, brown and black papers.
After make sunflower petals I shade it with some orange colour water colours to make it little different and attractive. The center of the flower I used brown and black colour paper strips. For leaves and stems I used dark green crape papers. I used cardboards for leaves and paste crape paper to the cardboard and cut round shape leaves. For the fence I used ice cream sticks and paint it with my brown colour nail polish. I ate a lot of ice creams last few days to collect those sticks. Ha..ha..ha.. :D

It took 4 days to finish this sunflower frame.

Thank you for visit!
Happy quilling!


  1. Gorgeous !!!! awesome quilling .

    1. Thank you so much angelin. I'm glad you dropped by my blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog Joanna..!

  3. Beautiful sunflowers! I'm really happy I've discovered your blog, your quilling is amazing!

    Happy Quilling!

    1. thanks for you kind words.I am now following you as well! Your website is lovely and so informative!Actually your flowers are superior than my flowers:) Also I learnt lots of things from your site. As a new quiller I admire you..
      thanks a lot!

  4. It is you who truly is a brilliant artist! I am glad you stopped over at my blog, and now I discovered yours.